Cut Cleanup Time & Frustration

Does the thought of cleaning out your fireplace make you hesitant to even use it? A new ash dump door will take the hesitation away.

An ash dump door is installed at the back of your fireplace or on the outside of your chimney. It allows you to easily access and remove ash after a fire. Additionally, this type of door eliminates any possibility of an ash cleanup accident and makes it easier to clean up.

Here at SootAway, we carry and install cast iron and stainless steel ash dump doors that are attractive, functional, and long-lasting. Whatever size or style you need, we’ve got it.

Make Your Life Easier & Your Fireplace Easier To Enjoy

There are plenty of things you can’t control, so make life a little easier by investing in a fireplace cleanout or ash dump door. We’ve installed countless fireplace cleanout doors, so we guarantee fast and professional installation.

To request an appointment to have your old ash dump door replaced or to have a new fireplace cleanout door installed, call us at 1-877-888-1279 or reach out to us on our Request An Appointment page. We’re here to help you get more enjoyment from your fireplace, year after year.