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Flue Liner Repair 

Your chimney flue is a vital part of the chimney venting system. Over time, heat, creosote, and other acidic byproducts can eat holes into liners or leave the surface damaged

The chimney liner is the part of the system that allows smoke and byproducts to exit the home. It’s also responsible for providing a barrier that prevents damage to your walls and chimney. Damage interferes with the flue liner’s ability to effectively do that.

If you’re concerned about liner damage, the best thing to do is to schedule an annual inspection with an experienced chimney professional. Through an inspection, we’ll be able to effectively evaluate the condition of your liner. If we find damage, we have two different options for restoration: HeatShield® and stainless steel. Our technicians will be more than happy to inform you about the benefits of each product.

Is it time to have your chimney flue inspected or relined by a professional? Give SootAway a call at 1-877-888-1279 and let our experts get the job done. We stand behind our relining and flue liner repair work. Request an appointment online— we’re here to help you get the most out of your chimney system!


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