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Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama knows that fireplaces and chimneys are very important to maintain. As one of the riskiest areas of the home, when not properly maintained, fireplaces can become very dangerous. With that being said, if you own a fireplace, you should consider getting your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep team.

Professional chimney sweeps can help minimize the risks of owning a fireplace and ensure your chimney is properly maintained. The Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama team consists of experienced chimney sweeps serving Bay Minette. We help our clients feel secure with their fireplace so they can enjoy it anytime they want. Before discussing the benefits of our services, let’s cover what chimney sweeps do.

What is a Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is a professional chimney technician who ensures homes are safe to use their fireplaces. Since the 1700s, fireplace owners have known cleaning their chimneys is a risky task. Homeowners would seek the help of young boys who would climb up their chimney to clean each brick and tile in the interior. Thankfully, commercial-grade equipment has taken that job away from children. Despite people knowing for over 300 years that chimney cleaning is very important, many people neglect to do this task, or they attempt to do it themselves.

Chimney sweeps are highly trained workers who have the proper equipment to clean chimneys thoroughly. Most homeowners do not have the necessary tools to get up and inside the chimney. To reach the entire chimney a pro needs the proper tools. A professional chimney sweep will use extendable brushes, specialized cleaning agents, and even cameras to ensure your chimney is completely clean. With that being said, hiring professional chimney sweep Bay Minette, such as those at Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama, has a multitude of benefits.

The Benefit of a Yearly Sweep

Not only does having a sweep yearly benefit your home, but it benefits your health. As mentioned earlier, creosote buildup can be very bad for your health. Breathing in creosote fumes over an extended period of time can cause serious respiratory issues, especially if you are over a certain age. If you happen to have birds in your chimney, you stand at risk of Histoplasmosis, which can also be very serious over time. If you have any shortness of breath or symptoms similar to a cold, give us a call at (251)-239-7183 and schedule an inspection and sweep.

Our Most Common Services and Repairs

Water Leak Repair: Water leaks make up 60% of what we do. We use top-quality FlashSeal™ protection and are trained to spot water damage and mold, which can be very dangerous if left alone.

Animal Removal: Bats, Birds, Squirrels, Racoons, and more will often settle down in chimneys, putting you and them at risk. Animal nests can cause smoke issues, fire risks, and disease for both you and the animal.

Chimney Swift Removal: Chimney Swift removal is a category all its own. These birds are federally protected migratory birds, and nests cannot be removed if the babies are not at a certain age. Every case must be handled on an individual basis.

Cover Installation: Chimney covers come in all shapes and sizes and are a great solution to both previous issues. We use Chimney caps, chase covers, and locktop dampers. If you have water or animal issues, the chances are that a locktop damper or another cover would solve your issue. Give Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama a call to figure out more about what would help you specifically.

Hurricane Repair: Hurricanes cause all kinds of trouble, from total chimney damage to water damage and mortar damage. We can do anything from completely rebuild a chimney to seal it from water leaks.

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Our Services

Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama provides professional chimney and fireplace services, from the best technicians around.

21-Point Safety Inspections

Providing a full Bill of Health for your chimney and fireplace system.

Chimney And Fireplace Repairs

No project is too big for our technicians. Sootaway expert chimney repair.

Professional Chimney Sweeps

Keeping your chimney clean, safe, and protected from hazards.

Happy Customers

“The technician that came to my house did a chimney inspection. Upon looking at the pipes, he said that they were disconnected and it would be dangerous to not fix. He took off the cap and was able to get them reconnected a few hours later.”

“They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy guys. I’d definitely recommend using them.”

“A great local company that is always on time. If you need an inspection and chimney sweep be sure to give Sootaway Chimney Sweep Bay Minette Alabama a call. Very affordable as well.”

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