For the last year, everyone has been adjusting to the guidelines of COVID-19 for safety precautions. From wearing masks to unexpected lockdowns, people began to adapt to the new lifestyle. COVID-19 is caused by the coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. This mainly is affecting elderly people and those who have underlying medical conditions such as heart or lung disease or diabetes. These people are considered to be at high risk for developing severe complications from the COVID-19 illness. Uncertainty of the outcome from the virus left thousands of citizens with panic; stocking up on cleaning supplies.

Each state has reoccurring lockdowns based on their governors, the civilians are having to come up with ideas to stay busy at home. Staying locked in the house is never fun, but most people are taking the time to thoroughly deep clean. A deep clean not only gets rid of all the dirt and grime but leaves the homes with a sense of purity. Homeowners love the feeling that their home is clean and welcoming. A deep clean is mainly focused on the common areas of the home leaving the chimney system left behind in the dark.  Not thinking about the commonly unused things in the home leaves them to sit there and collect dust.

Since quarantine started after the winter months, it left chimney companies here waiting for the parameters to return back to work. The winter months leave chimneys full of creosote caused by burning firewood. Leaving a chimney dirty is never a good idea since creosote is highly combustible. Creosote is the residue left behind the burning wood in the chimney flue. A chimney sweep is needed to maintain the health of the system, your safety, and your home. This type of work can be relaxing for most. Keep in mind that cleaning a chimney and windows.

Our technicians are certified and have years of experience with equipment and working on roofs to carry out necessary chimney sweeps. Why do we need chimney sweeps? The inspections allow a chimney sweep to notice if there is a chimney leak, animals inside the chimney, or other issues that may affect your health and the home. A chimney sweep is vital to protecting your home. Without proper cleaning, your chimney has a higher risk of catching on fire or damaging your home and belongings.

Since you have the spare time to clean during quarantine, do not forget to schedule your chimney inspected this year. There is still time to have your chimney inspected during quarantine. You will never know how dirty the chimney is until you have a professional sweep and inspection performed. Our company equips our technicians with special tools to reach the hard-to-reach areas, such as the center of the flue. Ladders are provided for the technician to climb onto the roof and cameras to capture a full scan of the inside of your chimney. With clear and concise invoices, including before and after photos, you can rest assured we will clean your chimney thoroughly.

Edited by: Michael Sohns