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Dryer Vent Services

SootAway Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Dryer Vent Clean out and Mfg. Recommendations

Most dryer manufacturers recommend having your dryer vents inspected and cleaned at least once per year.  Clogged dryer vents, prevent your dryer from performing effectively and pose serious fire risks.  To ensure that your dryer is working efficiently and that the ventilation system is installed and working properly, you should routinely have your vents inspected by a professional service provider. SootAway offers inspection, cleaning, rerouting, and vent installation services.

Dryer Vent Problems in New Homes

Traditionally dryers were located in basements or by outside walls, with relatively simple vent systems. Over the years this has begun to change and now many Florida homeowners have their dryers located in places needing longer and more complex venting systems with many sharp turns and bends to accommodate the structure of the home.  The result is that there are more places inside the vent where lint can buildup and the vents are harder for home owners to clean.  It is increasingly important that new homeowners in Florida have their dryer vents routinely inspected and cleaned by professional service providers.

SootAway has the professional tools needed to inspect and clean complex dryer venting. If a complex venting system poses a serious fire risk or other problem, we are able to re-route your vents in a manner that will keep your dryer working safely and efficiently.