Having a fireplace in your home is a grand feeling. Any homeowner who has a fireplace is sure to be proud of it, but having a fireplace also means taking care of it. It’s important not just to enjoy it to the fullest in those cold winter months but also to be economical, efficient as well as health-conscious.

A well cleaned out fireplace and chimney will burn with less wood, produce less smoke, and ensure you and your family can breathe easy. So, let’s look at some basic steps through which you can perform DIY chimney cleaning.

A Stepwise DIY Chimney Cleaning Guide

chimney cleaning equipment1. Get Your Cleaning Equipment Together.
If you are going to be doing chimney cleaning, you need proper gear for it. Eye protection, breathing masks, protective gloves, and rugged clothes are the bare essentials. You are also going to need a set of chimney sweeping tools. Make sure these are clean and dry before you begin or you just might end up making things worse.

2. Set up the Cleaning Area.
Whether you will be cleaning the fireplace itself or just the chimney, you are going to have to deal with dust. To protect your living room, cover the fireplace with high-quality plastic sheeting. You will also need to seal it all together. Include good quality duct tape in your chimney cleaning process. Make sure the covering is as airtight as it can be because otherwise, you will need to sweep clean your living room as well.

3. Prod with Caution.
Now, when you begin, start with the chimney first. This is because all the residue and dust from your chimney is going to descend on it. So, it is better to start there. Now, ideally, you should prod from the outside in. This means you need to get up top on your roof and use your chimney sweeping brushes from there.

4. Take Your Time.
When starting your chimney cleaning, it is best to give it some time after you have made an initial sweep. Usually, a lot of the dust gets unsettled and descends downward. It can also come up in a draft. Keep your face away from the outlet when this happens. Even if you’re wearing a mask, settled dust can make it hard to breathe.

5. Do a Clean Sweep.
Get your brushes going on all four sides of the chimney and make sure you reach as far down as possible. Once that is done, you can return in and collect all the dust you have shaken loose and dispose of it securely in the bin outside.

Do You Need Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services?

Keeping regular with your DIY chimney cleaning is great, but you should still invest in seasonal cleaning for the best use of your fireplace. There is a big chance you missed some spots, and this can cause soot and creosote to accumulate even more.

Depending on where you live, you might need these services often or every once in a while. Consult our reliable chimney cleaning professionals to know how you can get the best value from your fireplace and chimney. Visit us or give us a call today.