Santa’s annual visit is here and everyone is excited. If you have a fireplace, all the jollier for you. The family can spend time at the fireplace, exchanging gifts, and taking family photos. Did you know that apart from a warm hug, milk, and cookies, you can also ensure Santa comes home to a clean chimney! Do not spoil his cheerful mood by ushering him into a home that has a dirty chimney exposing him to sputter and cough. Schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection today and give Santa a clean chimney to slide down! of the ways to ensure Santa’s red suit is not ruined by soot is to ensure proper chimney cleaning and inspection by professional chimney sweeps. Be on the lookout for excessive creosote buildup. Creosote forms when smoke mixes with vapor in the cooler surface of your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable, and if its width gets to an eighth of an inch, then it can ignite a chimney fire.

A dirty fireplace and chimney can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to health issues like dizziness, nausea, or headaches. This however can be avoided through regular chimney cleaning.

Is Chimney Cleaning Important?

A fireplace offers more than just warmth in winter and should be well-maintained for its aesthetic beauty.

Your fireplace and chimney must be in good shape for Christmas and all year-round. You can do this by scheduling your chimney cleaning now.

Safety measures for Santa

Does your chimney have a cap or cover? Well, you should. Do not think it can prevent Santa from squeezing himself down the chimney. He will use magic to do so. In fact, Santa will be happy that you have a chimney cap that keeps debris from leaves, twigs, birds, and small animals from getting inside and blocking your chimney.

The flashing which is placed around the chimney to prevent leaks by keeping water from seeping in between the chimney and roof must also be adequate. If not, snow, ice, and rainwater can leak into the chimney thereby causing deterioration.

Mortar holds the bricks in a masonry chimney together and it should be intact. Naturally, it is bound to deteriorate over time due to exposure to harsh weather and other unfavorable conditions. So, it is important to have it checked periodically.

Take a look inside the chimney. Is it clean? Are there any nests? Often, buildup accumulates inside the chimney. Also, check to see if there are loose, missing, or crumbling tiles.

Ensure your annual chimney inspection is carried out by a reputable chimney cleaning company. Well-established chimney cleaning companies use advanced videos cameras to look inside your chimney in order to confirm the need for hidden repairs and make Santa’s arrival safe as can be!


However, keep in mind that many quack chimney companies are out to exploit unsuspecting clients. They often recommend repairs that are not needed. Be as inquisitive as possible and seek as much explanation and clarification as possible before you okay a chimney repair.

You can begin with small repairs so as not to delay Santa’s arrival while any extensive work can be scheduled for summer when chimney cleaning rates can be lower.

Fireplace Tips

When burning wood, keep all flammable items away from the fireplace. Gifts are a common sight during the festive season but keep the gifts and wrappers away from the fireplace. They can catch fire easily.

Also, if you have any Christmas trees near the fireplace, make sure their branches are at least 15 feet away. Do not dispose of your Christmas tree by burning it inside your fireplace. Pine creates more creosote. Also, do not burn boxes, wrapping paper, or any other trash in the fireplace.

When cleaning out ash from the fireplace, wait an appropriate time for the ash to cool, and even at that, place the embers in a metal container.

Ensure you install and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside and outside every bedroom. Replace the batteries every year and test them regularly.