When looking into chimney cleaning companies to hire, you need to make sure that you hire a certified professional. It’s crucial that you find a qualified and reliable chimney cleaning company. The best professionals are easy to spot due to their certifications, policies, warranty, and reviews. Chimney cleaning companies can help you with more than just cleaning out your chimney. The following problems can be solved by a professional chimney cleaning company, and you should contact one if you notice any of these problems with your chimney.

Chimney Fires

Homeowners who neglect essential maintenance may end up facing a chimney fire. These fires can spread to your roof and the rest of your home very quickly. Common indications of chimney fires are crackling and popping coming from inside your chimney, a low rumbling noise from the fireplace, thick smoke, and a pungent, burning scent.

Creosote, a black, a tar-like chemical that collects in your fireplace, accumulates with the burning of wood. Creosote forms naturally and the more you use your fireplace, the thicker it builds which can get up to a few inches. The substance itself is highly flammable and can cause a significant fire hazard. The buildup can also choke the airflow of your chimney, reducing the efficiency of your fireplace. Chimney cleaning companies can clean out a creosote buildup very easily, which will help protect your chimney from a fire

Bird’s nests, twigs, and other debris can cause a chimney fire as well. If a spark from your fireplace comes into contact with something that is lodged in the chimney, a chimney fire may ignite. A chimney cleaning company will be able to clear out any debris that is clogging your chimney.

Decaying Masonry

With time, exposure to the elements can weaken the structure of your chimney. Depending on the region you live in, your masonry will wear down over time from the effects of adverse weather. Harsh weather can corrode stone and brick, particularly close to the mouth of your chimney. Rain can also seep into the cement between the bricks, which, when frozen in cold weather, contributes to cracking.

If the cement from your chimney begins to crack and lands on your roof, it can cause severe damage. If the chimney has weakened structure, it can collapse after some time, posing a threat to the roof and anyone who might be on the ground. If the chimney breaks off and collapses, it can cause extensive damage as its weight can make other areas of your roof collapse, damage your shingles, tiles, and other areas. Chimney cleaning companies are able to point out decay in masonry, and give you advice on how to go about making repairs. Some companies may even be able to do the repairs for you.

Water Damage

Water damage can erode your chimney, causing it to crack, and in extreme conditions, break off completely. Sometimes cement and tar aren’t enough to lock the water out. If your chimney is not protected, snow or rain water may seep through, and the damage can eat into the areas around the chimney quickly. There’s a high chance that if water is collecting around your chimney, it will also rot your roof. A chimney cleaning company will be able to spot water damage and will notify you of the problem.

Animal Infestation

When the chimney cap is missing or damaged, the open and exposed chimney mouth is an invitation for small animals such as squirrels, rodents, other wildlife, and insects to enter and make call it home. Animals residing in your attic can cause damage by chewing at your insulation and other components of your roofing, so it is very important to get your chimney cover repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Chimney cleaning companies will be able to provide this service for you.

It usually takes a professional chimney sweep to notice these problems mentioned. It’s very hard to detect these problems from the ground, and they often require getting on top of the roof to find. We are able to help you with the problems mentioned.

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