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Smoke Chamber Repair

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Smoke Chamber Repair

The Smoke chamber is one of the most over looked areas in a chimney system. They’re not overlooked because no one knows about them, they are ignored because they’re too hard to work on. They are the toughest area of a chimney to get to. This isn’t good news for homeowners in need; untrained technicians, or companies that fail to follow a proper chimney cleaning procedure, often skim past the smoke chamber and tell the homeowner everything looks good. The smoke chamber is the hottest area in a chimney system and where a lot of chimney fires start.

The technicians at SootAway know exactly how important the smoke chamber is. This is one area that we concentrate on getting clean and inspect it twice! Although the smoke chamber is exposed to the highest temperatures in the chimney, it is the area that is most often built or not finished correctly.
Bricks and mortar, although not combustible, provide no insulating factor and break down when exposed to heat over a period of time—especially at temperatures maintained in the smoke chamber of a wood burning fireplace.

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