Chimneys have a very important part in the fireplace’s function, which is why it’s very important to keep an eye on the health and cleanliness of your chimney. Keeping up with the maintenance of your chimney is much less expensive than doing repairs that could have been avoided. Chimneys should be inspected at least once a year by professional chimney cleaning contractors. Chimney cleaning contractors not only provide us with their professional chimney cleaning services, but they also make sure that your chimney is not at risk of a fire. So, get their help and get professional services for your house and chimney’s safety.

Chimney Sweep by Chimney Cleaning Contractors

Chimney sweeping is best after the colder seasons end, in the spring, because deposits of creosote and soot are dry and easy to remove. The sweeping process addresses many aspects, but the removal of deposits and debris are the most time-consuming steps. Other types of debris found in chimneys will require sweeping and removal include animal debris and deterioration deposits (tile chips, brick, and mortar sand). Removal of these deposits from gas chimneys are most important to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The black creosote deposits caused by burning wood and collect on the walls of the flue, thus requiring a routine cleaning. Creosote is a volatile fuel when ignited. Laboratory tests have shown that flue temperatures can increase above 2000 degrees when creosote is ignited, which then causes a chimney fire. Putting a chimney under this extreme amount of heat can cause cracks and a lot of damage. So, this is why it’s very important to hire a chimney cleaning contractor at least once a year, especially before the winter season comes around again.

The Chimney Cleaning Contractor’s Role

A chimney contractor’s role includes examining the condition of the fireplace and all of its parts.  One they examine the condition of the chimney, they will then begin to clean it out. A chimney sweep uses hard brushes and other devices to remove creosote and soot from the chimney. Some of the brushes that they chimney cleaner will use are electrically powered, making for a fast and easier cleanup. If the creosote buildup is thick and hard, the chimney sweeps use an electric RO-CLEAN rotary brush system to do the work. An industrial-sized vacuum cleaner is used to prevent soot or debris from entering the home while the flue is scrubbed with special wire brushes.

The venting system must be cleaned properly, and it must be done by a chimney cleaning contractor. Make sure to hire a contractor to clean the venting system at least once every 3 years if you do your chimney cleaning yourself. Professional chimney cleaning contractors inspect the condition of the chimney cap or crown, the flashing, and the flue tiling. The contractor includes removing dangerous creosote, determine chimney integrity and catch problems in the early stages.

Chimney Cleaning Contractors’ Services

Chimney cleaning contractors also provide many other services that you may need to get done on your house. They can clean out your dryer’s vent and also do inspections for insurance companies. If there is a need for animal removal with your chimney inspection, a chimney cleaning contractor can do that as well.

Avoiding Scams in Chimney Cleaning

Be wary of scammers who try to make you spend money to repair problems that don’t really exist. Once these scammers go to work, they will tell you that they have found a severe problem that must be repaired quickly, but these “emergency repairs” that were never required and made up.

A certified contractor should provide photos or video proof of any extensive repairs that are required.

Way to Avoid Scammers

  • Get Multiple Estimates: Receive many quotes before progressing with work.
  • Check Their Credentials: Check if your country asks a license for chimney sweeping.
  • See if They’re Insured: Make sure that the contractor has insurance before you hire.
  • Ask a Proof: If a chimney cleaning contractor suggests pricey repairs.
  • Online Reviews: Check online review websites and make sure they are recommended.

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