What does it do?

A smoke chamber is located directly above the firebox, it’s a part of the fireplace that the average person may never look at but it’s one of the most important.  This unsung hero of your chimney stops smoke from entering your home and harming your family.  All the byproducts from the fire such as carbon monoxide and smoke are channeled into the flue pipe by the smoke chamber. Without it, invisible gasses will enter your home while burning in your chimney and do damage to you and your family.


This is the most common type of repair for a chimney. Parging is the coating of mortar applied to bricks to give the smoke chamber a smooth surface. It assists with structural integrity, how well it can remove the gas from the firebox while it’s being produced, as well as overall improves your chimney safety.

Parging benefits 

  • Improves the safety of the chimney 
      • A damaged smoke chamber can cause smoke to leave through the fireplace causing several health issues (from carbon monoxide) as well as stain your fireplace.
  • Structural integrity 
      • An extra layer of mortar can stop cracks in the smoke chamber and can help regain the structural integrity of your chimney
  • Improves draft
      • It will have a cleaner burn to produce more heat and remove unwanted carbon dioxide by sending it to the flue and out the chimney.

If you think your smoke chamber is damaged in any way we recommend you schedule an appointment today. It’s something that can potentially be life-saving.