Having a fireplace in your home used to be a matter of prestige in the old days. Even now with the invention of sophisticated heating technologies, there is nothing quite like a crackling fire in your home on a cold winter day. For many who stick to the old ways, having a fireplace is synonymous with maintaining it in the right way.

However, you might not exactly know how to get this done. If so, you might need the advice of professional chimney sweeps. The good news is that there are certain smaller repairs and chimney cleaning tasks you can manage on your own if you are certain you can do it. So, here is a stepwise guide to keeping your fireplace working at its best. However, if you are not sure you can do it, call our professional chimney sweeps to prevent any further damage or costs that might come after you try tried to clean or repair your chimney on your own.

5 Steps to Effective Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning

  1.   Setup the Catch Cloth

Your fireplace cleaning is likely going to create a sooty mess. Spread a wide cloth around the fireplace to catch any debris or particles that will come loose. The same thing will happen when you prod your chimney with a cleaning brush. Spread a cloth over your fireplace so that these can be caught and bundled together conveniently. If you think your fireplace needs extensive cleaning, then seal the place up with quality plastic sheeting and duct tape. This will prevent your living room from getting begrimed by the soot. It’s very important to get rid of all the soot, but this can be hard to do on your own. Therefore, we recommend getting your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year.

  1.   Gear Up

wear the right clothing for chimney cleaning DIYNow that your surroundings are protected, it is time to cover yourself. Put on some rugged old clothes along with chemical grade eye protection and gas masks. Protective gloves are also a good idea. Once you have these on, you can start with the actual chimney cleaning. If you are cleaning your chimney from the outside, make sure your ladder is sturdy and reliable. Accidental falls are an all too common result of simple negligence.

  1.   Top Down

For smaller cleaning jobs, cleaning your chimney from inside the house is fine. But when you have a congested passage, you need to go topside down. When cleaning the chimney from the topside, make sure you have safely removed any covers and that you are also securely positioned. Otherwise, you can miss out on key areas where the soot is blocking passage. However, don’t put yourself or a family member in danger, if you aren’t sure you can do this, but find a professional instead. You can also miss spots in your chimney easily without the right equipment.

  1.   Give it Time

At first, when you unsettle the dust and soot, it is going to take some time for it to settle down. There might even be a somewhat concerning crash in your fireplace if the build-up is heavy. In all cases, give the dust time to settle. Even with protective gear on, breathing in the dust or exposing your eyes in any way can be dangerous.

  1.   Carefully Collect the Remnants

Once you have cleaned your chimney thoroughly, it is time to collect the dust accrued. Undo the tied cloth or tape it carefully in such a way that you don’t let the dust spread.. Then dispose of it carefully in a bin outside.

Should You Get Professional Chimney Cleaning Services?

Chimney cleaning can be a challenging task if there is a lot of dust, soot, and debris. Not performing regular clean-ups can lead to blocked passages and gas build-up inside the home. Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your family. Have a professional chimney cleaning company clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney regularly.

If you’re looking for the most trusted fireplace and chimney cleaning services in the area, get in touch with our experts today.