Chimney Animal Removal

Sootaway Animal Removal

Sometimes animals seek shelter inside chimneys. Animals see chimneys as safe, insulated places that will protect them from predators and harsh weather. Unfortunately, this isn’t safe for you or the animals. Animals can become trapped in the chimney, and some can transmit bacteria and disease. 

Even if an animal that was once in your chimney moves on, it can leave a lot behind: feces, feathers, fur, nesting materials, etc. And much of what they leave behind is flammable and can cause chimney fires or block the chimney and prevent it from properly venting the attached appliance. If you didn’t hear them or didn’t schedule an inspection prior to lighting up the fireplace, you may not even know you once had animals in your chimney. That’s just one more reason to schedule an annual inspection!

So whether you have animals in your chimney and you need to have them removed or you need a clean-up crew to come in and make sure your chimney is free of nesting material, feces, and other matter so you can enjoy a safer, cozier home, Sootaway can help. We’ll even let you know how the animals or birds made their way in and what you can do to prevent future house guests.

To schedule your inspection, chimney sweeping, or animal removal service with a thorough, efficient, and prompt professional, call 877-888-1274 or Schedule an Appointment Online

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