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What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

Sootaway Chimney Sweeps of Orlando we believe we are the chimney experts. Our certified technicians are the professionals to call for your chimney sweep. We can evaluate and solve any chimney related issue you have, with just one inspection! At least one annual inspection is recommended by the Chimney Institute of America, or CSIA, per year. An inspection allows a technician to get a closer look at your chimney so they can investigate any possible issues such as a water leak or blockage.

  • Who We Are

Our technicians value the importance of your home, and we want you to know we would serve it as if it were our own. You can trust our technicians with the safety of your home. We are qualified, licensed, and insured, with over 30 years of experience in the trade.

  • What We Do

SootAway offers all the essential services beyond local chimney sweeping that will keep your chimney in proper working order. Here are some of our 5-star services:

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  • Why We Care

When a chimney is not maintained or kept clean, it can cause serious health hazards. Respiratory issues can form from mold or mildew in the chimney, or the worst- you could lose your home in a fire. Did you know that over 25,000 homes on average are damaged by chimney fires each year? We understand that chimney and fireplace maintenance is often overlooked, which is why we are here to help! Over time, creosote can form from soot. Creosote is a thick, tar-like byproduct that is created by burning wood. Creosote is highly flammable and will stay in your chimney until it is removed. All chimney problems could be easily avoided, not by magic, but by a simple chimney sweep. A chimney inspection and sweep will ensure a safe fireplace. It is important that the chimney is clear of flammable build-up, is within code, and no cracks can be seen in the structure. This will direct the draft of the flame, allowing carbon monoxide, smoke, and soot to escape safely through your chimney.

When in Doubt, Hire an Expert

The most important benefit of hiring a professional chimney sweep is safety. Not only is a chimney sweep time-consuming, it can be dangerous if you are inexperienced. Chimney cleaning usually requires you to get on your roof and sweep using a special rod. To the untrained individual, standing on the roof is hard enough, our technician’s clean chimneys at the same time! It is not an easy profession, and we highly suggest to NOT do this at home. We know what to look for, how to clean your chimney properly, and how to keep you safe. Hiring one of our experts is the solution to any of your chimney repair needs. We have special equipment, tools, and cameras to get a comprehensive status report of your chimney. We provide before and after photos of our work in a detailed invoice. We practice professionalism, and that entails good business practices- we will never sell you a service you do not need.

Storm Damage Repair

We have many service hubs in Florida, and service many of their largest cities. Our team is even compromised of local technicians and employees, so we are familiar with heavy rainfall, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Water is one of the most corrosive and deteriorating materials on the planet! Over a prolonged amount of time water can lead to the formation of cracks, mold, mildew, or even rust. These are issues that are best to be prevented early. An inspection can help you notice any signs of water or storm damage on your chimney. Fixing an issue like a water leak early, can be beneficial by saving you money. The longer a problem persists, the more expensive it can become.

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Are you looking for a chimney sweep Orlando team? Please feel free to visit our website to contact us. We would love to help you get your chimney in perfect condition so you can use your fireplace with a piece of mind. Our team brings great experience and guarantees you will be satisfied with our work. We look forward to hearing from you