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“A great local company that is always on time. If you need an inspection and chimney sweep be sure to give Sootaway a call. Very affordable as well.”

The technician that came to my house did a chimney inspection. Upon looking at the pipes, he said that they were disconnected and it would be dangerous to not fix. He took off the cap and was able to get them reconnected a few hours later.

This is a very good company to hire for big or small repairs, they did an inspection on a Friends house and they did great, so I called them to look at mine. I needed the entire rotted chase tore down and rebuilt, they did it fast and efficient.

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Indications of a Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is a large slab that completely covers the top of the chimney. It is a solid cover that sits on the highest points of your chimney. The crown is designed to be strong and perform well over a long period of time. However, over time, chimney crowns can begin to deteriorate due to constant exposure to the elements. There are numerous reasons for cracks to form in the crown. Chimneys are continually exposed to the elements and become damaged from snow, rain, sunlight, and freeze-thaw stages. It is important to repair any cracks or splits in a chimney before any harm occurs.


Visible cracks in the concrete that forms the crown can be filled or sealed, if they are still relatively small. Larger cracks might need more extensive repair.

Falling Flue Tiles

Have you noticed small pieces of tiles gathering at the base of your fireplace? It is an indication that the flue liner is damaged. This is an indication that your flue liner needs to be replaced. If this issue is not addressed, it can possibly lead to a chimney fire.


Rust on the damper or in the firebox indicates that water is leaking into your chimney, potentially through a cracked or damaged chimney crown. Rust must be completely cleaned, and the issue that caused it must be fixed as soon as possible. 

Moisture Damage

Water leaks can lead to severe moisture damge in your chimney system and your home. Water can cause mold, rust, and cracking and spalling in your chimney.

Mortar Joint Harm

Water that gets into a chimney can harm mortar joints and cause them to deteriorate. These mortar joints need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the chimney.

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Sootaway is proud to be your local chimney sweep service provider. Our mission is to give you top-quality chimney and fireplace services at affordable prices. Sootaway technicians are experienced in chimney maintenance and repairs. We use the best industry products to complete inspections, cleanings, installations, and much more. At Sootaway, our top priority is giving you the best experience possible while ensuring your chimney system is safe to use. Sootaway chimney experts are professional and knowledgeable, so you can be confident that your chimney and fireplace are looking and operating their best. To learn more about the services we offer, click here, or call us at 866-345-4751. 


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