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Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping

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Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping

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We all want our homes provide relaxation and to melt away the worries of the day. That’s what makes a fireplace such a desirable home feature. But is your fireplace ready to be safely enjoyed? Here at SootAway, we want to be sure your fireplace is ready when you are. This is why we offer thorough, stress-free chimney sweeping.

Why Are Chimney and Fireplace Sweepings Such an Important Part of Home Maintenance?

​Anytime you burn a fire, ash and creosote forms. Over time, these corrosive byproducts can settle along the walls of your chimney flue, and can eat away at the metal or clay tile surfaces. The holes, cracks, and gaps can reduce draft. This allows gases, and other dangerous byproducts to seep into the air supply, and transfer heat from the fire to nearby framing in walls.

What To Expect During A Chimney Sweeping

When we’re called on to perform a chimney sweeping, we show up on time and ready to get started. First, we’ll run through the entire process with you and answer any questions you may have. Next, we’ll protect your furniture and flooring, set up our cleaning equipment, and begin cleaning the chimney and attached appliance.

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Looking for mess-free, stress-free chimney and fireplace sweeping services? Call on SootAway! We’re committed to being your go-to chimney and venting care company. As well as providing you with fair, up-front service. Call 877-888-1279 or Request an Appointment Online