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Enervex Chimney Fans

A chimney fan installation can get rid of your smoky fireplace problems. Why have a fireplace if you can’t enjoy it? We work hard to diagnose and resolve smoke issues fast.

Sometimes, a lack of airflow is to blame, and for those customers, we recommend Enervex chimney fan installation.

Modern homes are built to be energy efficient keeping airflow to a minimum. While this may be good for the most part, it can make proper draft a struggle for your chimney system. Without adequate draft, your chimney may allow smoke and soot to enter your home instead of pulling it all up and out of the home. That’s where an Enervex draft fan comes in.

Enervex chimney fans are quiet and easy to control quiet. They work to give the chimney the draft boost it needs to work in an airtight home. These fans come in four sizes, and boast low operating costs, which makes them a great option for most chimneys.

We’ll Troubleshoot Your Smoke Issue 

And Help You Decide If Enervex Is Right For You

Ready to learn more about Enervex chimney fan installation? How about a fireplace inspection to locate the source of the issues? Call Sootmaster at 1-877-888-1279 or request an appointment online. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you determine whether or not an Enervex chimney fan is right for your home. Call today!