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Chimney Tuckpointing

Chimney Tuckpointing Mortar Repair

From SootAway

 Tuckpointing & When Do I Need It?

You know those cracks in the mortar that sits between the brick of your fireplace or chimney? You may also notice holes, discoloration, gaps, and receding joints? This type of masonry damage can occur as a result of weather, age, and other factors. While deteriorating masonry is ugly, the danger of it is far more serious.

A proper fireplace and chimney have tightly packed mortar joints to strengthen them. When damage occurs, the entire structure becomes weaker as pressure is placed on the brickwork. Additionally, receding and damaged mortar joints suffer from water intrusion and leaks. This can cause extensive damage to your chimney and home. Ask SootAway about Chimney Tuckpointing Mortar Repair if you notice this type of damage on your brick fireplace or chimney.

Tuckpointing is sometimes called repointing or simply, pointing. It’s the very delicate practice of grinding out damaged mortar joints and tucking or packing fresh mortar into them

Ask Sootaway for Chimney Tuckpointing Mortar Repair!

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