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Refactory Panel Replacement

Keep Your Fireside Experience Safer & Warmer

By Having Damaged Refractory Panels Replaced

Refractory Panels Replacement

The refractory panels in your firebox are essential for the fireplaces function and appearance. The panels are designed to radiate the heat of the fire into room. They protect against heat transfer to nearby walls and framing.  As a result, you’ll more complete combustion, less creosote and smoke. This will give you a warmer, cozier, and safer home.

Refractory panels are made to stand strong, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged. These important panels can crack and deteriorate. These should be repaired ASAP.  Your firebox is responsible for holding and containing fire. If cracks are present in the panel walls of the firebox, they won’t contain the fire very well. In fact, heat and even stray sparks and hot ash could transfer to nearby walls through damaged panels. This risk of fire is the reason it’s so important to keep them maintained.

If you’ve noticed damage to your refractory panels, put your mind at ease. SootAway can take care of it for you. We replace refractory panels and offer our customers a variety of styles and colors. No matter what your style or aesthetic, we’re confident we have something that suits you.

Take a look to see if the cracks in your firebox as thick as a dime? Has more than 1/4” of the panel’s surface deteriorated and fallen away? If so, give SootAway a call today at 1-877-888-1279. We’ll send an experienced professional out to your home to talk with you about your options. We’ll make the experience mess-free and stress-free, and provide a professional and prompt installation.

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