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Smoke Chamber Repair Service

The Sootmaster Can Repair Your Smoke Chamber

& Bring It Up To Code

Repair Your Smoke Chamber

Is smoke making it impossible to enjoy your fireplace? Your smoke chamber could be behind the issue. The smoke chamber is the portion of the chimney that funnels smoke from the firebox to the chimney flue, and when it’s poorly designed or gets damaged by the fire, a chimney leak, acidic byproducts of combustion, or age, it can slow the movement of smoke and prevent it from exiting the home. Not only that, but it can allow heat to transfer to nearby framing and walls.

If smoke chamber damage is a concern for you, we can help. We use top-notch products and techniques to restore and repair smoke chambers, so you can enjoy a safer, more effective and efficient chimney system. These are some of the products we use for smoke chamber restoration:

  • Chamber-Tech 2000 — Chamber-Tech 2000 is a refractory mortar that’s used to repair and insulate smoke chambers. If you have a corbelled or rough-surfaced smoke chamber, Chamber-Tech 2000 can be used to insulate, smooth, and reshape the smoke chamber for better flow.
  • Smoketite Smoke Shield — Smoketite is a ceramic product that provides a heat, acid, vapor, and moisture resistant, smooth surface for damaged smoke chambers. Like Chamber-Tech 2000, Smoketite works to smooth and insulate smoke chambers, and bring them up to code. The biggest difference is that Smoketite is sprayed onto the smoke chamber, which can make application easier for those tough to access smoke chambers.

So whether you’re experiencing smoke problems, performance issues, or an inspection has revealed a damaged smoke chamber, rest assured, Sootmaster can take care of it for you. Give us a call at 850-712-3470 or request an appointment through our website and we’ll restore your smoke chamber for a safer, more enjoyable fireside experience.

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