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Smoke Stain Removal

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Fireplace Stain Removal

Ugly, stained fireplace bringing down the entire living space? Life in Florida is bright and beautiful, and your fireplace should be, too! Take years off of your fireplace, just like that, with Sootmaster’s smoke stain removal services. We’re big advocates of Paint “N” Peel, which does the job quickly and in an environmentally safe, odorless, and mess-free way. And we’re not the only ones who love it — homeowners love it, too! We’ve turned back the hands of time and restored countless fireplaces in Pensacola, DestinShalimarGulf Breeze, and the neighboring communities — and we can restore yours too. So don’t just live with those awful smoke stains, let Sootmaster remove them.

How Does Paint “N” Peel Remove Smoke Stains?

You may be wondering, how can a non-toxic, odorless product remove smoke stains in hours? Here’s how:

First, our technicians apply the product directly to the smoke-stained fireplace, much like we’re painting the surface. Once the product is applied, we allow it to thoroughly dry. This is when the real magic happens. While it’s curing, the product absorbs the smoke stains into itself and changes texture. When fully dry, Paint “N” Peel will have an almost rubber-like texture, and the big reveal can happen. We simply pull back the Paint “N” Peel, and you’re left with a beautiful, fresh fireplace that’s free of those unsightly stains. Just like that!

So if a dingy, stained fireplace is really clashing with the bright, fresh, clean aesthetic of your living space, give Sootaway a call at 1-800-724-5021 or fill out our online appointment request form and we’ll send a prompt and considerate chimney and fireplace professional right to your door.

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to our customers, and to earn and maintain your loyalty and trust. Our first-class team is comprised of first-class individuals, all of whom continuously seek out professional and personal growth for the benefit of our customers and our community. We’re clean and considerate of your property and time, which is why we protect furniture and flooring, call ahead with expected show times and delays, and provide before and after photos of our work.

We’re not like those high-pressure chimney care companies who want to sell you a product you don’t need in order to reach a sales quota — we genuinely care and want to build lasting relationships with each of our customers. Whether you simply need tips on maintenance or you’re considering investing in a new wood stove and want some professional advice on products and brands, we’re here to make the entire process quick, easy, and painless for you and your family.

We travel all throughout the Florida panhandle and portions of Mississippi,Alabama,and Louisiana, serving homeowners up in Little River and Appleton, out west in Pearlington and Ansley and east in Panama City and Youngstown, and as far south as Mexico Beach.

Have Questions? Ask Sootaway!

We want to be a resource for you so you can enjoy a safer, more energy-efficient home, and we believe that customer education goes a long way. Whether you have questions about what wood to burn, how to troubleshoot smoke issues, or which products work best to keep chimneys leak-free, just give us a call 1-800-724-5021.

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If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to schedule an appointment with the Sootmaster, give us a call at 1-800-724-5021 or request an appointment through our online scheduling form right here on our website and we’ll send a first-class chimney professional right to your door. We’re here to help our neighbors in Pensacola and beyond in any way we can!