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Sootaway chimney sweep Covingtonknows that fireplaces and chimneys are very important to maintain. As one of the riskiest areas of the home, when not properly maintained, fireplaces can become very dangerous. With that being said, if you own a fireplace, you should consider getting your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep team. Professional chimney sweeps can help minimize the risks of owning a fireplace and ensure your chimney is properly maintained. The Sootaway team consists of experienced chimney sweeps serving Covington, Louisiana. We help our clients feel secure with their fireplace so they can enjoy it anytime they want. Before discussing the benefits of our services, let’s cover what chimney sweeps do.

What is a Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is a professional chimney technician who ensures homes are safe to use in their fireplaces. Since the 1700s, fireplace owners have known cleaning their chimneys is a risky task. Homeowners would seek the help of young boys who would climb up their chimney to clean each brick and tile in the interior. Thankfully, commercial-grade equipment has taken that job away from children. Despite people knowing for over 300 years that chimney cleaning is very important, many people neglect to do this task, or they attempt to do it themselves.

Chimney sweeps are highly trained workers who have the proper equipment to clean chimneys thoroughly. Most homeowners do not have the necessary tools to get up and inside the chimney. To reach the entire chimney a pro needs the proper tools. A professional chimney sweep will use extendable brushes, specialized cleaning agents, and even cameras to ensure your chimney is completely clean. With that being said, hiring professional chimney sweep Covington, such as those at Sootaway, has a multitude of benefits.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Chimney Sweep Covington

If you are considering hiring a chimney sweep to clean your chimney, you want to know the benefits you will receive when you hire one. The truth is, benefits differ by the type of property. If you would like to know the specific benefits you will experience with hiring a chimney sweep, please contact us. Our team members would love to discuss what you will enjoy about our services and give you a quote. For now, let’s discuss the three main benefits we guarantee with our services.

Protect Your Home

The most important benefit of hiring a professional chimney sweep is safety. One of the primary functions of a chimney sweep is providing its customers with safety when using their fireplace. This is one of the primary reasons homeowners prefer to hire a chimney sweep rather than cleaning their chimney themselves. They will make any necessary chimney repairs, and they will make sure your chimney functions properly. Additionally, they will clean out any flammable, sooty buildup to prevent your chimney from catching on fire. This is, as you likely know, very important as a chimney fire can lead to severe damage.

When you hire a chimney sweep to inspect your home annually, the primary purpose is to ensure there is no soot or creosote buildup present. We recommend you get your chimney cleaned when even just 1/8 of an inch of buildup is present. If your chimney has any thicker of a buildup, it is at risk for catching on fire. When you hire a chimney sweep, they will use a special camera to film the interior of your chimney. While doing this, they will be looking for any signs of buildup that could lead to a fire. If they do spot a sooty buildup, they will remove it so you can safely use your fireplace.

Breathe Better Air

Any blockage in your chimney will affect the air quality in your home or building. When there is no place for the smoke from the fire to escape, it will fill the home quickly. As you know, this is very unhealthy to breathe in. Sooty buildups are not the only blockages that can cause this to happen. Birds’ nests, leaves, and critters can also cause a blockage for the smoke. Hiring a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney will prevent this issue from happening and will ensure the smoke can escape your chimney properly.

Chimney Inspection

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Dangers of Creosote 

Unfortunately, creosote is an unavoidable side effect of using your wood-burning fireplace. Creosote is a type of residue that results from burning wood. Creosote sticks to the walls of your chimney, and excessive buildup can lead to hazards such as odors in the home or chimney fires. Because creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires, the National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney annually. Your Sootaway chimney sweeps are experienced in cleaning chimneys and removing creosote and are happy to assist you.

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Sootaway did a fantastic job on my chimney! They came out, swept my chimney, and managed to keep my white carpets clean while they did it!

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Bats are the only flying mammals! This makes them one of the most common mammals to get into chimneys!  Telling what type of animal is in your chimney can be very helpful when calling someone for an animal removal! So, how do you tell if bats are in your chimney? Like you, many homeowners with a chimney constantly worry about noises inside their chimney and a lot of them have bats inside the chimney. How do bats get in chimneys? Bats are fairly small animals. Usually they are around the size of the average bird. This makes it easier for them to gain access to the inside of your chimney. Chimneys can sometimes have their cap knocked loose, this makes the perfect pathway for animals like bats. Other animals can also knock the cap loose like raccoons.  Bats can carry diseases like rabies. This makes it dangerous to leave them the ability to gain access to your home.  Rabies has no cure...
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Humane Animal Removal Did you just hear chirping, scuffles, the flapping of feathers, or any other sounds that critters make? If so, then you're in the right place. First of all, do not smoke them out! Instead, take the humane way and call SootAway. We provide a humane animal removal service. We will remove all animals and birds of all kinds out of your chimney for the safety of you and theirs. Well, by law, we cannot remove chimney swifts because they are federally protected. Those will need to be discussed with local wildlife officials. Why Do These Animals Nest in Chimneys? You might be wondering what other animals would willingly choose to nest in a chimney? Well, there are a few well-known others that do include: raccoons, bats, and squirrels. These animals use your chimney as a form of shelter from the elements and to nest their young. Unfortunately, baby birds and young animals...
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What type of mortar should I use?

Contrary to popular belief, there's not just one type of mortar for chimneys. The most common type (as well as the tone of the oldest) being fireclay mortar which is a normal cement mortar mixed with dried organic material. Followed up in popularity by a refractory mortar that takes the old firebrick motor and adds calcium aluminate and sand. This makes it last longer as well as being able to stand higher temperatures. Any new chimney build uses refractory mortar, the question then stands which refractory motor would you use, hydraulic setting mortar or air-drying mortar? Refractory Mortar Hydraulic-Setting   Thought to be the best type of refractory motor, with its many benefits such as acid resistance, and water insolubility its the only one thing recommended for setting flue liners. Its acid resistance makes creosote easier to get off in the flue pipe and increases the life of your...

A First Class Chimney Company

  When working in the chimney industry as long as we have you amass a large reputation. Here at SootAway, we pride ourselves on our customer's safety, honest pricing, and the quality of our work. What other companies seem to forget over the years is that customers are the most important part of any business. With this idea as our main philosophy, we have proudly been serving the emerald coast for over forty-one years and counting. But don't take our word for it take Home Advisors! Winning the Best of HomeAdvisor award for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (Working to earn the 2020 award) our company strives for perfection.         Another goal of SootMaster is to prevent damage, save lives, and homes by providing no-cost, ad-free tips, and information through our blogs. Recently our blog was added onto The Top 25 Chimney Blogs. This verifies us as one of the best...
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Chimney Sweeping History

1600's - 1800's Chimney sweeping is a practice that dates as far back as the early 1600’s. Chimney sweeping and maintenance became in high demand more than ever after The Great Fire of London in 1666 due to more regulations being put into place. One of which was having narrower chimneys which launched the mass usage of children in chimney sweeping.  Poor parents usually sold their kids to a master sweeper and became “apprentices”. Child apprentices were forced to be inside and clean chimneys as narrow as 19”.  Children were forced to start as young as four years old with the ideal age being six years old. The use of children in chimney sweeping was prohibited in 1875 after a child got trapped in a chimney and died. This started the use of cleaning devices instead of people. The devices were rudimentary with the most complex one being a heavy lead or iron ball tied to a rope that they...
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Water, Smoke & Animal Problems Solved, Cleaning & All Repairs

Soot Away Chimney Sweeps Water, Smoke & Animal Problems Solved, Cleaning & All Repairs Spring has arrived and everything is coming to life. Everyone seems to go to work on their house, yard, gardens, etc. At SootAway we know the chimney area is the dirtiest, the least attended to and potentially the most Dangerous in your home. The average person will let it go until they have a chimney fire that scares them enough to call a specialist to check for damage and clean up the mess the fire made. Compared to the replacement cost of your home the cost of keeping your fireplace people who put off doing the essential inspection &cleanings. Call us today!    SootAway has been locally owned and operated since 1986. We are licensed and insured. We personally work with all fireplace technicians at SootAway to ensure you always get a professional to service and inspect your...
Best time for a chimney sweep

When is the best time to get your chimney swept?

Look, we get it. You're planning your summer vacation, working long hours to make that vacation a reality, and you're even working on some home improvement projects (looking at you Dad). The last thing that is on your mind is having your chimney serviced. It's summer. It's hot. The cold months are far away, especially for the south. So why is summer the best time to have your chimney swept? 1. You catch major problems earlyOne of the biggest things we hear in the chimney industry is 'Man, I wish I would've known sooner.' Summer is the perfect opportunity to have your chimney swept because it allows you to find major problems before winter hits and you need your chimney working properly. 2. Water Leaks Happen Mostly During the Summer. Major storms occur during the summer, and this can cause severe water damage to your chimney. We don't feel the need to belabor water damage, because we...

Starting a Fire

Starting a fire from scratch can be a challenge. Having the correct materials and knowing how to use them is a challenge in and of itself. Here is a quick guide on how to start a fire. Please note that while these are not specific instructions on lighting an inside chimney fire, most information is transferable. 1. Have an Appropriate Fire Bed Do not be the person who burns down the neighborhood. Seriously. When starting a fire, safety always begins with your fire pit. Select an area away from plant material. Keep bushes and plants away. Try to find a dirt area. If you want to go the extra mile, put bricks around your fire to prevent embers from flying to problematic places. Or you can just dig a hole. That works too. 2. Get Wood Got cheese? Great. We are happy for you. Now get wood. Also, want a pro tip? Make sure the wood is not wet. Go for fuel wood. While fuel wood may take a while...
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Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us and most who live near the coast know what that means; major preparation and horrible damage.Hurricanes threaten lives and also cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage.Last year alone, 15 lives were taken by hurricanes (not within the United States). While that may seem insignificant, the fact still remains; hurricanes take lives.While it is most important to protect your life, your house needs to be taken care of as well.During strong weather and hurricanes, things and shall we say, critters, can enter your chimney. From squirrels and snakes, to even small debris, when hurricanes happen, your chimney can become clogged.It is important that prior to a hurricane, your chimney has a chimney cap to prevent strong winds from bringing things into your chimney.In the unfortunate event that your home is over taken in a hurricane, know this: We stand...

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