Any place with a fireplace needs to get its fireplace chimney cleaned out on a regular basis, so as to enjoy optimal and safe heating. A clogged chimney not only leads to inefficient wood burning, but it also carries a fire risk. Besides, it causes harmful indoor pollution.

When you requisition the services of a professional fireplace chimney sweep like SootAway you are assured of the fact that they will do a thorough job of removing the accumulated soot and creosote deposits. Besides, they will also ride the fireplace chimney of blockages if any.  A professional chimney sweep will possess the wherewithal to comprehensively clean the chimney liner, firebox, damper as well as smoke chamber ensuring that there is no trace of creosote glazing to set off a chimney fire. Considering how a clogged chimney can have really serious consequences, it is way better to let trained and qualified people carry out the cleaning.

Why Do You Need fireplace chimney Cleaning?

The threat of a house fire from an unswept fireplace chimney is a real one and it is therefore not surprising that the National Fire Protection Association places so much emphasis on regular inspection, cleanup and repairs if required. A fireplace chimney requires sweeping if it carries one-eighth of an inch deposit of soot inside the chimney and flue. In case of the presence of glaze inside the flue system, a clean-up should be carried out even if there is less than a one-eighth of an inch deposit of soot.

These deposits of soot and creosote are known to cause fires that spread from the chimney to the roof and many times the entire house. The danger from a clogged fireplace chimney is just as great on account of the fact that it can cause an accumulation of the odorless and colorless gas carbon monoxide which is extremely harmful to human beings. This is especially true of the elderly and small children who are susceptible to exposure, even from small quantities of the gas.

The thing about blocked fireplace chimneys is the fact that blocking occurs, not just on account of soot and creosote build-up, but often because birds and animals take refuge in these, with the former even building nests! That apart, leaves floating into the chimney flue can also cause a blockage. Bits of mortar breaking away from the flue lining too can add to the blockage.

Importance of Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

A fireplace chimney may look very aesthetically pleasing to the eye but that is not why it is there. Its principal function is to carry away the harmful flue gases away from the home. While organizing a chimney sweep may appear to be a bothersome chore, it cannot be wished away. Assigning the task to a professional organization like SA is quite the best way to deal with the issue.

They are equipped to do a perfect job in not only sweeping your fireplace chimney but also doing the cleaning up once it is done. Besides, they will be able to provide advice on the state of your heating system, and what you should do to keep it in optimal working condition. This will help you forestall harmful chimney fires.

A chimney fire is an ominous thing and one can identify one by its loud cracking sound which goes pop. There will also be thick smoke coming out of such a fire often accompanied by a strong smell. Often these fires are dramatic affairs visible from afar. To those inside their homes, a chimney fire can almost sound like a plane flying right above the house.

Rather than ever having to face such nightmarish scenarios, it makes eminent sense to get one’s fireplace chimney swept in a timely manner. Whatever cost one may incur in getting this done, surely pales in comparison to what an unswept fireplace chimney can lead to. The best time to get a chimney sweep is in spring and summer so that one can look forward to a winter of warmth and comfort, untroubled by worries of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. To learn more about fireplace chimney sweeps and when you should go to one, fill out the form below today!