Many of us love the beautiful glow and soothing crackle of a fire. The fireplace is a warm, inviting feature in many homes. But just like any other part of the home, the fireplace should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Keeping your fireplace clean helps reduce buildup of ash and soot, and keeps it looking beautiful.

Whether you have a gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace, this guide has everything you need to know about how to properly clean your fireplace.

Cleaning a Gas Firepalce 

Gas fireplaces are used by many homeowners. They have many of the same perks as wood burning fireplaces, minus the hassle of soot and ash. But just like most appliances in the home, they do need to be cleaned from time to time. Gas fireplaces can accumulate dirt and dust. The fireplace doors can also become foggy due to the chemicals found in natural gas. Follow these steps to clean your gas fireplace: 

  • Before you start cleaning, turn off the gas valve and wait for the burners to cool completely. 
  • Vacuum around the fireplace to get rid of any dirt and dust. 
  • Use a dry paintbrush or a cloth to clean off any dust on the ceramic logs or grate. 
  • Use glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe away and fog. If the fog on your fireplace doors is being stubborn, you can purchase a glass cleaner made specifically for fireplace doors. 

Cleaning an Electric Fireplace 

Electric fireplaces are different from gas and wood fireplaces in that they use a heater to warm the air. Because of this, electric fireplaces are typically cleaner than their counterparts. However, they also should be cleaned regularly. To clean your electric fireplace: 

  • Make sure the fireplace is off and completely cool. 
  • Open or remove the glass fireplace doors. 
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to dust the logs, andirons, and hearth. 
  • Vacuum vents with a handheld vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner hose attachment. 
  • Clean the doors by wiping them with a glass cleaner and paper towels or a dry cloth. 

Cleaning a Traditional Fireplace 

Many homes still use wood burning fireplaces to heat their homes. Cleaning these fireplaces tends to be a bit more intensive than other types of fireplaces. 

  • Make sure to properly extinguish any fire. Spread the embers with a fireplace shovel and cover them with ash or baking soda. Wait until the fire has been extinguished for a full 24 hours before cleaning.
  • Prepare a deep cleaning solution by mixing a bit of dish soap, ¼ cup of heavy duty cleaner, and a gallon of warm water. 
  • Manually remove any burnt wood or large pieces of debris using a fireplace shovel. 
  • Remove the andirons and fireplace grate, knocking off as much debris as you can into the fireplace. 
  • Sweep up the ash using a broom and dustpan, then vacuum to remove any excess residue. 
  • Using the cleaning solution and a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the inside of the fireplace. Work top-down and repeat as many times as necessary. 
  • Clean the bricks surrounding your fireplace by scrubbing with a pumice stone dipped in dish soap.
  • Clean tools and irons with water and dish soap and polish if desired.
  • Make sure your fireplace is completely dry before burning a fire again. 

Cleaning the fireplace may seem like a daunting task, but it can be done in just an afternoon. Your newly sparkling fireplace will leave your home looking and feeling great.