Many people looking to buy, rent or remodel homes are opting for those with fireplaces. Fireplaces are much more than sources of heat, they are also key architectural pieces that spice up the room making it look refined, cozy, and even romantic! If you are looking for the types of fireplaces that look great indoor and if you are a sucker for design, here are samples that can help you make a decision. The kinds of fireplaces that we will mention are broadly categorized as wood burning, gas burning, ethanol or electric fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces offer a great alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplaces; especially for those in towns where tree cutting has been banned. They might not give that nostalgic kind of feel and warmth associated with wood-burning fireplaces but they generate more heat and burn cleanly. They are also cost-effective since they are less expensive to install or construct and can also save you money on your heating utilities bills. Gas fireplaces can either be in form of direct-vented built-in fireplaces or ventless built-in fireplaces.

The direct-vented type can be vented through an existing or newly constructed chimney. It burns with a yellow flame and it can be installed in any room regardless of whether the room was set for a fireplace or not. The flame is yellow so it has more of the feel of a wood-burning fireplace. Direct-vented models also need a chimney for ventilation which can be an already existing one or a new chimney can be constructed.

Ventless built-in indoor fireplaces are quite simple to install and do not need a chimney hence the name, vent-less. Although it also burns clean, the fact that it is ventless might result in some little contamination. The flame color is blue. Despite not having a vet, it comes with a number of features that promote overall safety.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are quickly becoming a favorite because of being the most cost-effective option on the market. They are also relatively easy to install. A beautiful feature about them is that you can regulate the heat while retaining the fire ambiance. Because there is no real flame; they give you an artificial flame that looks almost real. You can even have a crackle!

This you can do using a remote at the comfort of your seat. It allows you to create a variety of effects that suits your need and mood! In addition to this, electric fireplaces, unlike wood and gas fireplaces do not require the usual maintenance. Plus they are safe for those with children or pets.

Mantel Electric Fireplaces are meant to copy a built-in wood-burning fireplace. They are, however, without chimneys or vents. Since they look like the traditional wood fireplaces, you can enjoy the elegance of a traditional fireplace complete with a mantle for those family photos without the hassles and bustles of a real fireplace.

Some media furniture comes equipped with an electric fireplace that gives you an entertainment center and fireplace all rolled into one. These are often convenient for smaller apartments and homes.

Gel Fireplaces

Gel fireplaces are not very popular but that is not to say they have no benefits. Their key merit is the easy installation. All you need is a can filled with gel fuel. No pipes, electrical wires or vents. They can be mounted even on walls and are versatile and the flame is real, unlike electric fireplaces. However, they generate very minimal heat. The cans of gel are also expensive.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Nothing beats the good, old, conventional fireplace! In fact, isn’t that what comes to your mind when you think of a fireplace? A hearth, crackling wood, ashes, smoke? True to its name, a wood-burning fireplace uses wood to create heat. Many prefer these traditional fireplaces despite their downsides which include frequent maintenance that comes at a cost. Despite the needs like buying wood or chimney sweep services, wood fireplaces create a rustic atmosphere and some people love the smoky scent.

Wood burning stoves are a great alternative if you do not have a space for a fireplace. They can be used almost anywhere in a home and require a pipe for venting out smoke though.

Open Hearths are usually made out of stone or brick and are built into your home’s wall. They use a chimney and a flue for ventilation. This is why most people pass on an open-hearth fireplace unless one was constructed earlier. They are the most authentic and you can typically feel the heat, smell the burned wood, and hear the crackles.

Enclosed Fireplaces are indoor fireplaces that are enclosed. They have a large glass panel enabling you to enjoy the ambiance of fire as it burns. The advantage of this model is that you have less heat escaping up the chimney and more entering the room.

Whichever fireplace you choose, it’s important to clean it regularly, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace. To keep enjoying your fireplace, keep it safe by having it cleaned and inspected by a professional.

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