Chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year or more preferably in the winter. You can do it with the help of professionals or can do it by yourself as well. You can get help regarding the chimney cleaning from different websites or the professionals. Get the help and review the different ways of cleaning so you can handle things better. There are some steps must be done to guarantee a successful cleaning process.

Chimney Cleaning Preparation

To prepare your chimney for cleaning first follow these steps for pre-preparation. In this way, you can make your chimneys clean in the best manner.

  • Examine

With a flashlight and using a pencil for scraping off, examine creosote accumulation on the side of the chimney. If accumulation is 1/8-inch thick, it’s time for a cleaning. Check the chimney for animals. Therefore proper examine of chimney cleaning is necessary.

  • Take Measurements

Measure the sides of the chimney from the bottom and the top. Determine the size and shape of the flue and the height of the chimney. Also, bring extra piping to make sure the chimney brush can reach the entire length of the chimney.

  • Extra Needs of Chimney Maintenance

Buy chimney cleaning supplies: A right size chimney brush, chimney brush extension pips or rope, small stiff wire brush. Also, a plastic tarp or drop cloth, a tall ladder, a broom and dustpan, and a dust mask and goggles. Wear old clothes and cover you’re the hair. Drape the drop cloth around your fireplace and cover furniture. Remove the damper from the chimney flue for not obstruct the chimney brush.

Ways to Clean the Chimney

There are five main ways of chimney cleaning. In this way, one ca clean the professional and more appropriate way.

Top-Down Method

Climb to the roof by the ladder, connect the brush with a pipe and clean the inside walls by moving the brush in up and down motions. To bring the brush further down of the chimney, connect the brush with another piece of pipe or flexible metal rods.  This method is preferable due to the least amount of cleanup inside the house.

If you are applying the rope and weight method, join the weighted rope to the brush. Hold the end of the rope and drop the brush into the flue. Raise it up and down in a scrubbing movement along the whole length of the chimney.

Bottom Up Method

First, remove anything from the room and cover the carpet. This method is effective as the top down method but it is safer. Ensure that the damper is open, then push the chimney brush up through the chimney using up and down motions, adding detachable rods until the chimney brush is at the top.

Dull Line or Pulley Rope System with Chimney

Two ropes are attached to the brush, one on the top and one on the bottom, and the brush is operated from the roof and the fireplace. The man on the roof handles one side of the rope, and drops the other side, with the brush in the middle to the other man below. They Work mutually, use the ropes to pull the brush up and down.

Clean the Flue’s Entrance.

The flue entrance is located in the basement. Creosote and soot are collected there. Use a spade to shovel it into a bucket. Use the brush and dustpan to clean up the debris from the fireplace and the tarp. Dispose of creosote and the soot by local laws. In this way, you can make your chimney clean with a professional and effective method.

Soot Eater Rotatory Chimney Cleaning Systems

This system represents an intense spinning power to clean flues with 18 feet long. This cleaner won’t scratch metal flue pipes. Its button link quick-connect system spins the rod in each direction, allowing you to clean from the bottom.

It is possible to clean the chimney yourself, and we hope you have the confidence to do that. But when it is beyond your time you can get a professional chimney sweep to help you. We offer excellent chimney cleaning services for you. Fill out the form below today to receive help and services for a professional chimney cleaning.