Humane Animal Removal

Did you just hear chirping, scuffles, the flapping of feathers, or any other sounds that critters make? If so, then you’re in the right place. First of all, do not smoke them out! Instead, take the humane way and call SootAway. We provide a humane animal removal service. We will remove all animals and birds of all kinds out of your chimney for the safety of you and theirs. Well, by law, we cannot remove chimney swifts because they are federally protected. Those will need to be discussed with local wildlife officials.

Why Do These Animals Nest in Chimneys?

You might be wondering what other animals would willingly choose to nest in a chimney? Well, there are a few well-known others that do include: raccoons, bats, and squirrels. These animals use your chimney as a form of shelter from the elements and to nest their young. Unfortunately, baby birds and young animals will fall to their deaths or get trapped inside resulting in their death. Basically, this is not a safe place for them to be and is not good for you either.


  • Nocturnal and known for their aggressive attitudes, raccoons are hard to remove from chimneys. One bite can cause rabies, and possibly roundworms. These critters, in particular, need to be removed by a professional only. Black steel and aluminum are no match for these critters as they are able to breakthrough. The best solution to keep them locked out is to install a heavy-duty stainless steel chimney cover.


  • Excellent for warmth and shelter, bats will look hard for places like a chimney. Another animal that carries rabies, it is best to have removed by a professional. Though it is hard to keep them out due they are able to fit through bird screens or open mortar joints in the brickwork. The installation of a damper and chimney cap can help prevent bats from getting into the home.


  • Squirrels are notorious for building their nests in chimneys and tend to make them extremely tight. These normally will block the ventilation of the chimney flue causing a chimney fire. Squirrels are known for climbing through the dampers entering the home. The best way to prevent their entry is to have a professional install a heavy stainless steel chimney cover.

Think about it, these animals may grow up and move on but they do not take things with them. They leave behind their feces, feathers, fur, nesting materials, etc. Lots of what they leave behind are flammable and can cause chimney fires or cause blockages. You may not have heard them or schedule an inspection prior to lighting up the fireplace, but you will once you do by the smell.

Whether you have animals in your chimney that need to be removed or you need a clean-up crew to come in and make sure your chimney is free of nesting materials, feces, and other matter so you can enjoy a safer home, SootAway can help. We will inform you of how the animals or birds made their way in and preventative ways to keep them out for years to come.

Call 866-345-4751 or schedule an appointment online to schedule your inspection, chimney sweep, or animal removal service.