Homeowners can come into contact with toxic soot through their chimney. Soot is found in areas like chimney fireplaces, engine exhaust, and basement furnaces. Therefore, there is a severe need of keeping your house saves with the chimney soot remover. So, understand the problems and risks you can avoid by using a chimney soot remover.

What is Chimney Soot and Why Does It Need a Chimney Soot Remover?

Soot is fine, black contaminant resulting from incomplete combustion of substances, like wood, coal, and oils. In the chimney, it develops when wood does not burn enough, especially when the wood is wet or if the air is limited.  This soot sticks to the chimneys or skipping into the air. Therefore, a chimney soot remover becomes necessary in such conditions. Soot contains sulphurous compounds, nitrates, lead, formaldehyde, and cyanide. Also, contains polycyclic hydrocarbons like benzene, xanthene, and toluene. These compounds are referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Risk of Chimney Soot on the Health and Property

Soot contamination is a severe issue that cannot be ignored. It needs to be dealt with quickly to minimize harm.

Respiratory Risks

If you are not using any chimney soot remover, then you can have some respiratory risks. Extended exposure to soot causes breathing problems, asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. Therefore, to prevent any respiratory problem, use a chimney soot remover.


Yes, chimney soot can also cause cancer. The higher prevalence of skin cancer among chimney sweeps is a good example. Studies also discovered the risk for lung and oesophageal cancers. Therefore, a proper need of chimney soot remover can become the demand of the day.

Premature Deaths

Breathing in soot over a continued period of time is linked to early deaths.

Poor Air Quality

Fireplaces with poor ventilation lead to soot gatherings inside the home. To prevent any decrease in quality air in the house, a proper soot remover is necessary.

Property Damage

The acidic nature of soot erodes the metal pieces within technological devices. Also, it discolors the paint surface and the ceiling. Floors and carpets get damaged when the soot infiltrates them.

High Cost of Cleanup

Soot cleanup or chimney soot removal should be done by professional, especially if it is caused by a fire. Homeowners can spend between $2,000 and $6,000 to clean up soot after the fire.

Removing Chimney Soot Using Chimney Soot Removers

Chimney soot is cleaned using various methods. One of these methods is the usage of chimney soot removers. Soot removers are products used to clean soot in an easy way from the inside of the chimney. They reduce soot to harmless ash that makes his removal simple and prevents the formation of deposits. These non-toxic materials and environmentally safe.

Usually, soot removers consist of a mix of special crystals. Some components catalytically affect the process of burning of firewood and crumble the tars present in wood into a combustible gas. Other ingredients at high temperatures liberate gases that react with tar deposits and destroy their structure. This weakens the bonding to the chimney surface and the deposits fall down or are carried out with the chimney gasses.

How Do You Use the Soot Remover?

Firstly pour one or two scoops into the fireplace before lighting it.  Be sure that the fire in the open fireplace is burning strongly. Now, the active gases dry out the soot deposits, this minimizes the bonding to chimney surface. Their cleaning effect last for several days. It is advised to use this material every time. After several times it can be used every 4th-5th fire.

How Does a Chimney Soot Remover Keep your House Safe?

They make chimney cleaning fast and easy. Chimney soot removers are non-corrosive and non-flammable. They travel up the chimney and soften the soot. This prevents the build-up of soot in the chimney. Chimney soot remover also increase chimney efficiency and decrease the frequency of chimney fires. The chimney soot remover reduces emissions to the environment coming from the chimney. Soot damage spreads fast even after a fire is put out. The dangers posed by fire damage are serious and should not be taken lightly.

Save your time and effort and consult us. Make an appointment today to get a proper professional chimney sweep to keep your home and family safe.