If you are concerned about the amount of time it will take to sweep your chimney, you really should get in touch with a professional chimney sweep. For they are certainly going to take less time than any DIY plans that you might have. Besides, a professional chimney sweep will certainly do a better job of it and it will probably be better for you both from a safety point of view. Moreover, apart from the cleaning, they would be able to alert you to any damage that your chimney might have undergone.

Though the amount of time required for a chimney sweep really depends upon the extent and quantity of the deposit inside the chimney most chimney sweeps take between forty-five minutes to one hour. That in any case will accomplish way more than anything you might attempt on your own

Factors That Make It Longer to Clean a Chimney Sweep

  • The presence of creosote in the flue.
  • A damaged flue.
  • Blockages like birds’ nests.
  • Larger dimensions of the chimney.
  • A large amount of dirt in the chimney.

chimney cleaningIf your chimney sweep seems to be taking way longer than you expected, you can ask the chimney company undertaking the sweep, the reasons behind it. If you have hired a professional company like Sootaway, they would be more than happy to let you know as to what exactly is taking so much time.

The length of time taken to carry out a chimney sweep really shouldn’t be much of a sore point for anyone as long as it is for the right reason. After all, a badly maintained chimney can lead to devastating house fires. It is eminently better to let the professional chimney sweepstake the necessary amount of time to do their job than pressure them to hurry up and do a less than satisfactory job, which could prove dangerous in the long run.

How to Prepare for a Visit by Chimney Sweep Professionals

For you to be ready to receive a chimney sweep professional in your house, you only need to ensure that the person has unimpeded access to the fireplace including a 6 square foot space in front of it. That apart, an electric socket to help run the vacuum cleaner too should be provisioned for. Very importantly the fire should have been out for at least 12 hours before the chimney sweep’s visit.

Having these things taken care of in advance ensures that there is no unnecessary delay in commencing the chimney sweep.

Is There a Best Time to Go For a Chimney Sweep?

Yes, there is. Springtime or summer is the best time as your last fire has been long lit. This will mean that when winter arrives you will be ready to turn on the heating and not waste any time at all in organizing a chimney sweep. August to December is the busy season and if you go for a chimney sweep then, you may have to wait for as long as a month for it to get done. You really will save time, if you go for it earlier.

What Exactly Does The Sweep Do?

The chimney sweep is going to get down to business in real earnest by first examining the outside of the chimney stack, launching, and pot. Thereupon the chimney place opening will be sealed to prevent any escape of soot. Next, the flue will be swept using the right kind of cleaning equipment.

The attention will now be turned towards the removed soot and creosote deposits that will be vacuumed out using special equipment equipped with HEPA filters to prevent dust from escaping. This will be followed by the fireplace and surrounding area receiving a thorough cleaning by the chimney sweep. Anything found amiss like minor cracks in the bricks will be addressed as well. Finally, the stove will be cleaned and inspected by the professional chimney sweep.

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