Homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys are often engrossed in the pleasures and warmth they bring. However, they tend to forget that the only way to sustain the warmth is to properly maintain the fireplace chimney through a trusted chimney company. A good chimney company will intimate you that even though a chimney is made with solid materials such as stone or, it is still vulnerable to harsh weather conditions that can lead to deterioration.

Though the presence of creosote buildup in the chimney lining has been declared as the number one cause of chimney fires, moisture portends the biggest hazards for a chimney. The damage moisture can cause if not handled, can ultimately lead to a chimney fire or even in worse situations- a house fire. Besides, the damages moisture can cause to the chimney system can be very costly to repair.

Mortar and Flashing

The mortar used to seal chimney bricks is less durable than the masonry itself. When the mortar begins to crumble, flake off, and decay, moisture can easily seep into the masonry. During winter, the masonry expands and contracts repeatedly during the freeze and thaw cycles and the face of the masonry begins to flake off. If further neglected, the chimney will eventually collapse and a chimney company will need to be called for major repairs.

Flashing is that metal part of the chimney that acts as a seal between the roof and chimney. Some masons often get the installation wrong but even when properly installed; the metal is susceptible to rapid rusting. Moreover, even the tiniest leak in the flashing can lead to structural damage on your roof. Your flashing should be regularly inspected by a professional chimney technician.

Chimney Caps

As any chimney company can tell you, having a chimney topper or cap installed at the top of your chimney is the big step towards preventing moisture from getting into your chimney. Rain, if allowed to seep inside your chimney, can lead to rusting of internal parts like the damper.

Waterproofing by a Chimney Company using a Chimney Saver

As earlier discussed, your chimney is highly exposed to harsh elements and if left unprotected, becomes is highly vulnerable to structural deterioration. It is very important that minor damages are repaired before they lead to serious structural problems that are much more costly to repair.

A reputable chimney company can apply waterproofing chimney saver to your masonry, which prevents water penetration & absorption. Waterproofing chimney saver is also referred to as chimney sealants, water repellent, or chimney waterproofing. Chimney saver is a 100% vapor permeable masonry waterproofing agent that prevents “flaking”, and greatly prevents the need for brick chimney repairs.

Why go for Masonry Waterproofing Chimney Saver?

-Minimizes future brick chimney repair costs

-Prevents water penetration & absorption from saturating brick masonry

-Minimizes/eliminates/retards brick masonry deterioration.

-Preserves & maintains existing & restored brick masonry.

Protection from the Elements – While the bricks that make up your home are protected by the roof, your chimney is not. Since it is sticking up above your home, it is always exposed to all the elements. Rain, snow, hail, dust, debris are just a few. And that is why you need a masonry waterproofing chimney saver.

Masonry materials such as fire clay tile, cast iron, fire bricks are very porous and absorb large amounts of water causing brick chimney repair needs. The typical brick is like a sponge that absorbs water and wicks moisture to the chimney interior.  All of these materials will suffer accelerated deterioration as a result of water penetration & absorption without a masonry waterproofing chimney saver application.

Water leakage can cause damming damage to your masonry chimney. The damage is often slow and gradual. The damage is often hidden until the aftermath becomes glaring. Masonry waterproofing as a preventive measure becomes a viable venture.

Waterproofing chimney saver prevents water penetration and absorption. The chimney saver is recommended by all reputed chimney companies and has been developed especially for use as a masonry waterproofing. It prevents water damage consequently preventing the need for masonry chimney repairs. The chimney saver is vapor permeable- this implies that the chimney can breathe in but not out. Water that is in can leave but the water that is outside the chimney cannot seep in.

Masonry waterproofing is a wise investment as it is guaranteed to save you the frustration of brick chimney repairs or sometimes having to rebuild the entire chimney.