Fireplaces are continuously becoming an amenity most homebuyers consider a favorite when scouting for a new home. Fireplaces give a home an architectural oomph, but there is more to it than just the structural vitality and below are some of the reasons. Romance aside, fire is said to be good for your health.

A scientific study report by a Ph.D. student at the University of Alabama found a significant reduction in blood pressure when people watched footage of a fire on a computer screen. The findings concluded that sitting in front of a fire projection with the sound of crackling logs consistently produces reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The report notes how the calming effects of fire can be traced back to prehistoric times. The flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth, and distinctive smell are believed to have provided a relaxation effect that enhanced prosocial behavior. Fire is also thought to provide a generally relaxing effect, and that explains why they’re used in spas and camps.

Fireplaces: A source of cozy fires

Nothing beast the embers and crackles from a fire. No other source of heat comes closer to the cozy, nostalgic warmth of a fire. It matters little whether you have a hearth, boot which your dog can canoodle on, or a wood stove; What matters is that you get to watch the fire charm the cold away with the flame dance. By the fireplace, you get to read your favorite book, indulge in indoor activities, or chill with friends and family.

Perfect set-up for Romance

Movie directors did not exaggerate it when it comes to ideal romance scenes being set next to a fireplace. Fireplaces are the most underrated aphrodisiac and mood setters ever! Well, maybe not. But the thought of sitting in front of a fire with the person you love, with perhaps a half-full glass of wine getting inebriated with the sparkles from the flame is truly romantic, right? The fireplace is probably the only feature of a home that screams romance and demureness, and that says warmth and joy.

No Electricity? Don’t Fret.

Electricity fails sometimes especially in harsh weather like winter. With a fireplace, you have more than just warmth; you have a light too. Those without fireplaces are chattering their teeth from the cold with zero light, yet the utility company will still bill them.

Cooking with Your Fireplace

This is an alien concept, but cooking meals over a wood-burning fireplace is a thing. Cooking over a fireplace can save you more money on your utility bills. Just having a pot of coffee sitting by will keep it warm and will not cost you a dime! Whenever the electricity is out in say winter, you can still cook.

Eco-friendly Fireplaces

Thanks to innovation, people are exposed to alternative wood-burning appliances that are incredibly efficient. This means folks are using less of the fossil-fueled energy supply to warm their homes. Besides, burning wood means zero carbon footprint and only a small amount of emissions thus passing them as smokeless heat sources. It is advantageous if you have lots of trees in your garden or near you, which can be perfect for fueling your fires. With a wood-burning fireplace, you can get rid of fallen branches or dead wood by just putting it in the fireplace.

Storm Proof

Fireplaces can withstand natural disasters like storms, meaning in case of one then you do not have to panic in case of a power outage. This is one of the key reasons why a wood fireplace would come in handy. With a wood fireplace, you do not have to rely on electricity.

Energy Independence and Cutting Costs

Tired of eye-popping heating bills during the winter? Try a fireplace. Those who have a fireplace in their home receive lower bills than those who don’t. A fireplace allows you to heat your home, cook and you can put it off with almost zero bills. As electricity continues to soar, fireplaces are becoming a great alternative primary heating source. 

Since it costs less to purchase firewood, fireplaces are an excellent way to be less dependent on utility companies. If you hate the experience or thought of being accountable to your utility company, then a wood-burning fireplace is a fantastic option. With your fireplace, you have the power to decide how much fuel you need to operate it.

The merits of having a fireplace are enormous right? But also note that fireplaces can be dangerous. Ensure your chimney is cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep annually to enjoy it fully.

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