With the cold season quickly approaching, the warmth that comes with cozying up with family or friends near a rustic fire is irresistible. This relaxation is probably the best part of winter. But before you pile wood onto that fireplace and strike that lighter, it is important to ensure that your chimney is clean and ready. The guarantee of a thorough cleaning service only comes with hiring the best chimney cleaner. Here are some reasons why you should hire a certified chimney cleaner, that will give you the best results.

A Clean Chimney Ensures Safety

When cleaning a fireplace, special attention should be given to the flue and the base of the fireplace where you build the actual fire. The flue is probably the most important because it acts as the fireplace exhaust system. Having the flue professionally cleaned is essential to keeping your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. If your chimney is not properly vented, the levels of carbon monoxide in your home may rise, thus posing a health hazard.

A qualified chimney cleaner will carry out safety checks and issue an approved certificate. The use of an unregistered, untrained person can result in a false or improper cleaning, which may have fatal results.

The Best Chimney Cleaner Will Offer Great Advice

The best chimney cleaner is one who is well-versed with the structural makeup of a chimney, who has the right tools for the job, who understands the fireplaces, and who also understands the hazards of an unclean flue. The best chimney cleaner should offer valuable advice on proper chimney management and burning practices, aside from providing inspections. A professional sweep can notice issues that others would not, such as damage to the flue that could cause the leakage of toxic gases. They can clean, recommend repairs or maintenance, and advise on the safe use of your fireplace or other appliances related to it.

Clean Chimneys are Very Efficient

For an efficient fireplace and chimney, it is vital to get your chimney cleaned annually. When your chimney is cleaned out, your fire will last longer and the smoke with ventilate much better. If there is a blockage of debris in your chimney, the smoke from your fire will have nowhere else to escape, except into your home. When a job is professionally done, the smoke will be able to ventilate properly, which will improve the quality of air inside your home during the winter.

Lower the Risk of a Fire

Fire statistics indicate that thousands of houses have chimney fires each year. This is mainly due to infrequent and unprofessional sweeping, which results in a build-up of flammable soot and creosote deposits inside the chimney. The primary causes of chimney fires are irregular sweeping and cleaning, using unseasoned wet wood, wrong sizes of appliances, overnight burning, or smoldering wood for long periods of time.

Many insurance companies will not cover damages caused by fires if they were dirty or poorly maintained. A professional chimney sweep will also show a valid certificate of sweeping that is recognized by insurance firms.

To avoid the risk of a fire you should:

  • Implement a regular sweeping schedule – Comply with building regulations and ensure an accredited installer fits any new appliance. The best chimney cleaner will be able to inform you if your solid fuel installation complies with building regulations.
  • Use the recommended fuel for your appliance and chimney
  • Ensure that you use the appliance as per the manufacturer’s instructions

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Get a chimney sweep with all the proper certifications and experience. There are national safety institutes that any reliable chimney cleaner should be a member of, as well as professional membership groups. When booking an appointment with a chimney sweep, talk to them about their qualifications and check their online reviews. The cleaning of chimneys by a certified and professional sweep should be a quick, clean, and efficient procedure with minimum disruption to you and your home.

If you are not sure of where to begin in the process of hiring a chimney cleaner, the best place to start is asking your neighbors who also have a fireplace. If there are homes on your street with a fireplace, you can likely get recommendations for the best chimney cleaner from your neighbors.

The best chimney cleaner will provide full-service cleaning, inspection, and repair for various damages to your fireplace and chimney systems. Avoid the rush and get your chimney inspected early by filling out the form below.